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Rightvision present you with a world-class plastic product known as Cover Blocks (Chair Type, Circular Type and Locking Type) used in place of Concrete Cover Blocks (In RCC Construction). These blocks not only help to keep the reinforcement bars at the specified place, they also offer convenience of use. Cover blocks is available in various sizes, and avoids the time consuming procedure of casting plain cement Concrete Cover Blocks.

The sizes of cover are always accurate as it is made in factory where moulds have already been designed with higher accuracy and the final HDPE blocks are made in injection moldings machine. In comparison to conventional type of covers the strength of HDPE cover blocks are much more higher and it hardly gets broken inside cement concrete during placing of heavy steel shutters or during using of heavy vibrators for settling down of concrete/ compaction of concrete.

Cover Blocks made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are approved with International Metro Civil Contractors and are being used in New Delhi Metro Project. Also these Cover Blocks are tested with Government Quality Marking Center for Plastic & Rubber Goods, Faridabad for compressive Loads and Ash Content.

After lot of research and interaction with Government and Private Construction Groups specification for Cover Blocks has been fixed as follows:

        Cover Block must be made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) & Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

        Melting Point of Cover Block should be in between 140 to 165 C.

        Density should be between 0.90 g/cc to 1.10 g/cc.

        Chloride Content (%) must not be more than than 0.100

        Ash Content must not be more than 1.5%

As per IS456 : 2000 Section 12.3.2 the details for Cover are as follows:

Section 12.3.2 Page 26

Tolerance for Cover:

Unless Specified otherwise, actual concrete cover should not deviate from the required nominal cover by +10mm

Spacers, cover blocks should be made of concrete of same strength or PVC.

Accurate Reinforcement Cover means right protection to the steel Reinforcement and less Maintenance.

In place of concrete cover blocks, High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) cover block is used because of the main reasons:

        Our ready to use HDPE cover blocks (chair, circular and locking type) is ready to use for quick installation.

        Cover Blocks are cost effective compared to conventional type (considering material cost, time involvement and labor cost).

        Good Bonding with Concrete.

        Unaffected by vibrations or tampering.

        High Strength.

        Chemically inert.

           Accurate, Precise and Stable.