Cover Block Sizes

    HDPE Cover Block - Size: 50mm x 53mm x 67mm,Height: 50mm (Cover) 
    HDPE Cover Block -Size: 50mm x 53mm x 58mm, Height: 40mm (Cover)
    HDPE Cover Block-Size: 38mm x38mm x 53mm,Height: 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm (Cover)

    HDPE Cover Block - Size: 30mm x30mm x 35mm, 15mm, 20mm (Cover) 


Interlocking Type Cover Block

    HDPE Cover Block :Locking Type for Slab,Size: 8mm x 10mm,Height: 15mm (Cover)  

PVC Cones and Plugand Cap Cones

While making RCC structure your Tie-rod cost a lot and during placing of shutters and cement concrete, some of the rods get stuck inside the PVC pipe (which acts as a cover to Tie-rod). This happens due to the fact that PVC pipe are cut by the labour, which is not accurate, and the cement concrete flows inside the pipe corners and finally stuck the tie rod.

PVC Cones are available in different sizes as per diameter of tie rods. PVC Cones are advisable to use because of the following reasons:

    By using Cones one can save 100% tie rod and hence money. 
    No chisseling or hammering of tie rod otherwise which get stuck as per conventional method
    No Labour is required to cut either pipe of tie rod after removal of shutters.
    Easy use and economical. 
Tie-rod is not advisable inside the structure as per design.

PVC Anchor Cone  (Figure E)

    PVC Anchor Cone Sleeve (20/25) 
    PVC Anchor Cone Sleeve (22/27)

PVC Plug (Figure F)

    PVC Plug (To Suit Above) 
    PVC Plug (To Suit Above)


PVC Cap Cone

PVC Sleeve Cone



In Industrial Building, Railway Stations, Offices, Godowns corners are prone to damages during transferring of material and PVC material is useful during giving protection to corners of columns or walls.  

Each Length 2 meters (20MM X 20MM)